Foodie Finds: February

Another month means another round-up of cooking and eating based delights!  First off, I did some baking.  I’m always a bit worried when it comes to baking.  Cooking is much more flexible and if you make a mistake, it’s often easily fixed or at least factored in as a creative choice.  Baking requires much more accuracy and you have to be patient with it all.  Not my strong suit but with this great Mary Berry recipe, I had a go at a Bakewell tart.

This went down very well with the OH and his chums and even though I did use pre-done pastry, it still tasted like one of my favourite childhood treats.

I also cooked a really delicious Thai Green Curry by following a recipe in a truly brilliant cookbook called Thai Food by David Thompson.  If you want to tackle Thai food, this is the book you need.  It’s easy to follow and it might look daunting but don’t worry.  Don’t be tempted by just buying the prepared paste from the shops.  Making it yourself is as easy as chucking all the ingredients straight in a blitzer and turning it on.  Couldn’t be easier and the difference in the taste is mind-boggling.

I also got to try Lemon Sole for the first time.  I really like fish but have always been fearful of it for some reason so my OH has made it his mission to introduce me to more foods.  Lemon Sole was delicious and the garlic and parmesan crust was just enough flavour to balance out the fish.

What have you tried out this month?

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