Taking Bookish Risks

I love taking a chance on reads that aren’t my usual sort.  Every now and then I get sent or recommended books that aren’t something I usually pick up but there’s something about it that jumps out and makes me take a risk on reading it.  Every new read is a risk but these two were gambles for different reasons.

Sweetpea is the latest release by C.J. Skuse but her first foray into adult fiction.  Having been a longtime fan of C.J.’s work for younger readers, I was desperate give this one a go.  I know C.J. has a ruthless sense of humour that can be very dark so this sounded like a dream read with murder thrown in for fun.  Then a kind soul offered to send me a proof copy they’d received because they couldn’t believe I didn’t have it already.

Sweetpea is dark, dangerous and delicious as we step into the mind of Rhiannon; average office worker and friend on the outside but a sick-minded psycho on the inside.  Sadly for those that meet the grade, Rhee takes out her judgement on those that wrong her or the world and removes them from the face of the Earth.  This was an interesting read because we see the actions from the view point of the killer rather than the victim or those chasing the bad guy/girl.  I loved the bold dialogue and dark honesty in how Rhee sees the world; who hasn’t wanted to stab the person in front of you that takes forever at the check-out only to endless chat to the staff?  I can see this being a big hit over the summer and expect to see it a lot in your friend’s holiday snaps while they read on the beaches etc.

The Impossible Fortress was offered to me for review and I took a gamble with it because as good as the blurb sounded; this doesn’t always mean a book lives up to the sales pitch.  It’s sad but true because we’ve already picked up a book, read the back and thought it sounded good, only to be disappointed.  This, however, totally lived up to the hype.

The Impossible Fortress is like a buddy-heist movie, set in the 1980s with a bunch of nerdy kids in the lead roles.  I found it addictive and a total barrel of laughs.  I didn’t even see the twist at the end until it was right there being shown to me and then I felt like a numpty for not seeing it earlier.  Quirky and likely to appeal to fans of Ready Player One, Stranger Things and The Breakfast Club.  Ticked all my boxes and I’ve already passed my copy on to another reader who loved it too.  Can’t wait to see what Jason does next!

So I guess this post tells you that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that sometimes risks are definitely worth taking!

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