After The Fire by Will Hill: Top Choice for the Summer!

I was sent a review copy of After The Fire by Will Hill after a little bit of pestering on my end.  I don’t usually nag around for copies of review books but I’d seen the cover for this one, read the blurb and I was hooked already.  I wanted to know more and I just couldn’t wait to read it and share the gushing with you all either.

The basic set up is we follow the life of Moonbeam directly after a major incident where she lives as well as reliving the moments that lead up to it as she recounts them later.  If some of you remember the Waco Incident in America in the 90s, then Moonbeam’s story has tragic echoes of that awful scene.  Will Hill has been careful enough to draw on the Waco Incident, and others like it, without just using it as a snazzy backdrop for a character.  It’s a hard-hitting tale about life inside a strict compound with deep religious beliefs and a strong fear and hate for government.

I could NOT stop reading this book.

I know you’ll read that in lots of reviews out there about lots of books but I’ve not read a book so fast in such a long time.  Honestly.  I would put it down for a quick break to make a sandwich or answer a phone call but even then it was calling my name, trying to seduce me back in.  Will Hill is probably bet known for his Department 19 series so this book might seem like a big step in another direction at first glance.  However, it’s just further proof to me that Will Hill is a seriously skilled writer that can put his hand to many genres and still have you at the edge of your seat.

Stunning writing, fascinating characters and a story that will linger with you long after you’ve finished the final page.


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