Pink Is The Colour! 3 Reads & a Tooth Extraction!

Yes; pink really has been the colour of May so far for me.  Pink has been all over my current reads and pink in ‘real life’ because I’ve been obsessively checking on my gums in the last few weeks.  I’ve been having an ache with one of my wisdom teeth for a little while and promptly ignoring it because I’m a bit nervous of the dentist.  Then over Easter, a small chunk of the tooth just fell out.

After a major internal freak out and a dentist appointment later, I found out it was decayed and had to come out.  So out it came this time last week which then caused more panic and worry over the healing and if it was okay.  I’m a massive worrier and sometimes Google searching is not your friend.  So, for now, I wait for it to heal and try to eat carefully.

So, in the meantime, I took to reading and these are the three books that helped me ignore the pain and stop me googling pictures of gross teeth for a few weeks!

One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton

I’ve always been a big fan of Keris’ work and this book might be one of her best yet.  It’s a charming summer tale of romance, personal loss and all set against the stunning backdrop of Italy.  You can feel the sunshine pour out of the pages and the bond between the sisters is something truly special.  One to enjoy on a lazy sunny day with a glass of something cold nearby.

Girlhood by Cat Clarke

Cat Clarke is back with another dramatic thrill ride that knocks you a little sideways but leaves you wanting more by the time you’ve finished.  Girlhood is an emotional rollercoaster set in a remote boarding school in Scotland.  All the girls have their own little secrets but some are bigger than others and where there are secrets; there is the chance they could cause drama.  Your only hope is that the drama can be contained and won’t cause deadly consequences.  Brilliantly written and a real page-turner.

The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch

I was sent this for review a little while ago and it’s only just made its way to the top of my pile.  Apologises!  The Movie Version is the story of one girl’s life as her world slowly seems to fall apart as her older brother is diagnosed with a mental health condition.  A brilliant look at mental illness and not just how it affects the person concerned but the family as a whole.  The Movie Version should also be given a little nod for the way it handles and discusses sex which was both honest and realistic in my mind.  A lovely treat!

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