Disney Villians: The Muppets

As part of the Disney Villains blog tour hosted by Andrew at PewterWolf I decided to pick something a bit left field for my choice but, if you know me, it’s probably the most obvious pick in the world.  I’m a big fan of the Muppets and, since they’re official owned by the Disney folks, I wanted to look at the villains in their world and what makes them so darn evil!

Bad guys come in all shapes and forms and The Muppets have met quite a few over the years.  From Doc Hopper from The Muppet Movie (1979) who wanted Kermit to be the face of his fast food frog’s legs business only to then hire a frog killer to track him down when Kermit said no, to Kermit’s evil doppelgänger, Constantine, there have been many varied reasons why these villains want to bring down the Muppets.  From money, land, success or greed; the core reason is always the same:

They want to destroy what it is that The Muppets represent: love, hope, goodness and dreaming big.

The Muppets have always shown us how to reach for any star and you can get there but you’ll probably have to tackle some bumps along the way.  In the end though, along with the help of your friends, you can achieve anything.  The villains all have their own goals from stealing diamonds, expanding their business empires or just being greedy and when they see the opposite of themselves in The Muppets, it’s almost too much to resist when the urge to destroy them appears.

The one good thing that all these villains show us is that just how good The Muppets are and how the simple goodness in them is really the goodness in us as human beings.  We can all take on The Muppet way of life and do simple things to make our dreams into reality.  Though the world will have its villains and we must face them in our own way and over come them because dreaming is never easy.

Though that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep dreaming.

All the evil bad guys in the movies of the Muppets dream of something but go about reaching for it in a mean-spirited way and that’s why the don’t succeed.  They aren’t The Muppets but without the bad guys, The Muppets’ successes wouldn’t feel like our own ones do.

Some things are hard in life and we all have our own ‘Villains’ to face but it all leads to happiness in the end.

I’ll leave you with these words from the final scene in the first Muppet movie to prove my point:

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