The Importance of Wellness

I’ve been kinda out of the loop of blogging once again because of health reasons.  Yet again I feel fobbed off by my GP and continually being told ‘It’s just a virus’ when I know my own body and how I feel but that doesn’t seem to be enough of a qualification.


It’s been similar to last time when my thyroid went out of whack but I knew it wasn’t exactly that because my recent blood results were ‘Within The Range’.  The Range is a bloody stupid thing but a necessary evil really.  Due to everyone being an individual, The Range is just a selection of numbers that doctors deem an okay place for you to be.  However, from what I’ve learnt, you can be within The Range but it’s not right for you personally.  Sadly, a lot of doctors diagnose based on numbers on a page rather than what a patient is actually telling them.

I’ve been suffering with symptoms and just having to cope as best I can but it got to the point where I was getting so upset and down about that I asked my GP to refer me back to the specialist.  The endocrinologist deals with thyroid issues but also a whole range of problems that are hormone-based.  My GP refused saying he’d just look at my numbers and say I’m fine so it was a waste.

I was shocked.  Clearly I was becoming a regular visitor to see them and even that wasn’t alerting them to a problem they couldn’t solve.

So I took a big step and decided to pay privately to see a specialist.  This a huge for me because I hate admitting I need help like that and it meant potentially spending cash from my savings because I don’t make big bucks.  (Though, I’m open to offers if someone wants to give me some!).

The private specialist was the same doctor who actually removed my thyroid seven years ago and within thirty minutes of seeing me and my blood test results he could see problems.  He’s ordered follow-up tests via my GP because he understood that I don’t have loads of cash and is focusing me to a change in diet with supplements and then, seeing me again, we’ll look at the results and work out the most cost-effective way for me to feel well.

It’s the best money I’ve ever spent and so validating to hear him say that I’ve been right this whole time and there is stuff going on that isn’t “just a virus”.

I don’t like bad mouthing the NHS because they are amazing but, like anywhere, sometimes there are good and bad eggs and it’s okay to ask for help elsewhere.

So, after my holiday, I’ve got blood tests (hopefully) and things to do before another appointment and we shall see what happens.  I’m just so bored of not feeling 100% me.

Fingers crossed this is the start of good things to come.


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