BIG NEWS: Moving on!

This has been building for a little while but I haven’t spoken about it because I wanted to wait until it was all signed and sealed but … I’M MOVING!

Not only that but I’ll be moving in with … DUN DUN DAAAAA … A BOY!

After many years, me and the OH have finally found a place to call our own and are moving in together.  It’s been completely stressful and hasn’t been made easy by my ups and downs with my health but it’s all official.  We picked up the keys last week and have even started unloading some of my books there.  Important stuff goes in first; obviously.

It’s a whole new area for both of us and I’m going without a set job in place which is a gamble but it was kind of the only way I could do it without causing too much havoc initially with start and end dates everywhere when I didn’t know the exact move date.  My notices have been turned in and boxes are already being packed.

The nice bit has been imagining the silly things we can do there; eating fish’n’chips on our first night in, buying furniture, considering and disagreeing on artwork for the walls and plotting how it’ll look when we decorate for Christmas.

There’s tons of scary and unknown stuff too that freaks me out.  I’m not just moving in with my fella (a big step in anyone’s book) but also his lad will have his own room and likely be around more often.  So I’m really moving in with two boys and I’ll be outnumbered.  I’ve already made my feelings about loo seats being left down-and-pee-free be known and hope I don’t have to start hiding all my precious signed editions of books on top shelves.

I’ll probably have a lot more to blog about in terms of work and life stuff now that things are shifting a bit and I’ll be emailing all my book contacts about change of address ASAP but do feel free to contact me if I don’t and you feel you need it.

2017 has been a year of big changes and I’m hoping it’s the start of new things for the better.

(Oh … If you’re reading this Andy … I also need to discuss the DVD situation and how mine have to stay in alphabetical order.  Also how no one else can use my special mugs. And the wardrobe space issue … )

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  1. What a wonderfully scary but exciting time.
    Good luck with the move, I hope that it all goes smoothly and that you settle in to your new home quickly, organising your book shelf will certainly help with that.
    C x
    Ps. Good luck with the loo seat situation!

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