Hard Times

Since moving at the end of August, I’ve been without work and I’ve been finding it hard.  Most people would probably love to have time off from a 9-5 but I’ve never done it before.  Pretty much since my days at uni, I’ve always had a job of some sort.  I’m a person who relies on routine and organisation and having neither of them is driving me a bit loopy.  I’m lucky that I’ve got some savings so I’m not panicking yet but it’s just weird not having work.  I’m looking as best I can but low self-esteem can really sneak in there and deter you from applying for things and make you doubt your chances.

I’m a bit lost really.  I don’t know how to function without deadlines and a stream of orders and projects to deal with.  I’m also a natural worrier and I’m already freaking out quietly to myself that I’ll be unemployed forever.  How people that are freelancers cope is a mystery to me!  I suppose working for myself would be perfect for me because I could function organising myself and getting stuff done – but doing what is a whole other question.

I’m trying to scramble my brain with ideas but it just feels like I’m chasing my own tail.

Am I being an over-worrier or just rational?

Updates to follow with either a selection of desperation or ‘I’ve got a job’ delight …

SIDE NOTE: The cool phone cover in the main photo is new and comes from Sighh Designs.  Amazing designs and so quirky!

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  1. Fran

    Hi Laura
    I followed your comments on girls heart books when it was live. If I remember correctly you are a keen writer yourself. As someone who writes myself but in a very impulsive way when I get the urge, I think I too would struggle without work to set my day up. Maybe now is the time to make writing your full time job? (While also searching for work if that’s what you want – and yes I know that’s a full time job on its own!) Whatever you do I hope it works out for you.

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