Recent Reads: September Edition

September has been an all-over-the-place month as I find myself in a new house, new town and looking for work.  While I try to keep myself busy and not fret about finances, I’ve also been reading stuff! Yay!

Here’s some reviews in brief and a happy side-note to say I’ve finally pre-ordered the new Phillip Pullman book in my new local bookshop.  Something cool to look forward to in November!

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

I bought this with the last of my birthday gift vouchers as a special pre-moving treat at the end of last month.  I’ve always loved Matt Haig’s previous books as he finds a fabulous way of tapping into your mind and asking the big life questions leaving you with a sense of hope and care.  How To Stop Time is the tale of a man who ages at a very slow pace and, as a result, is like a time-traveller.  We meet him as he starts to once again ponder his existence and wonder what is life if you can’t love and be around other people.  What is life if all you can do is hurt and endanger those you care about?

A thought-provoking and clever book as you’d expect from Matt Haig.  Two thumbs up!

Everybody Hurts by Joanna Nadin & Anthony McGowan

I’d been following the writing of this book via the authors’ Facebook updates for a little while and just loved the sound of two minds working together on one book with two distinct voices.  I wondered if it would give the story a divided vibe or if it would appear seamless.  This is a sweet love at first sight tale but it’s the way it’s been told is what makes it shine.  Having the split narrative and seeing both the male and female POV is a great twist that makes it stand apart from other similar stories on the market.  Two great minds have produced something special here.

The Fandom by Anna Day

I was sent an early review copy of this a little while ago but wanted to save reading it until closer to the publication date.  However, I kept seeing loads of people reading it via social media and raving about it so I thought “sod it” and started reading it now.  I think I was sold on the premise more than anything but it didn’t really gel with me personally.  I can see how it’ll appeal to the right audience but I think I overdosed on these sort of genre books a while ago and prefer other things than the likes of Twilight, Hunger Games & Divergent-esque stories.  It’ll have a big market but not for me I’m afraid.

Mirror, Mirror by Cara Delevingne

This was a gamble request by me because I have fairly strong opinions of celeb-authors and ghost written books but I was drawn in by the cover and the blurb and thought it was worth a go.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book and found the story compelling and gripping.  I’ll be honest and say that I did work out the twist fairly early on but I do have this weird brain that ‘see’s’ stuff like that.  I’m so annoying to watch a thriller with because of this.  A great book that’s got me looking into more by the co-writer, Rowan Coleman too.

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