The Lush Effect

One of the huge perks of moving house was my reintroduction to the bath.

No … I’m not gross or anything.

I’ve only ever had access to showers for the last ten years or so and now my new place has both.  This means I could finally try something that everyone seems to be addicts over and I’ve missed out on: Lush.  The only thing I know about Lush before was that you could smell a shop before you could even see it.  The heady scent of florals, fruits and spices all wrapped up into bottles and balls appears to be a mecca to everyone in my age bracket.  Now it was all mine to fully explore.

I was given a great set as part of a leaving present from a work colleague called ‘Bath Art’ with a ‘Dragon’s Egg’ and ‘Intergalactic’ bomb inside.  Both look brilliant and smell delicious and I just love all the extra effort that Lush make with their packaging.  Every gift box is wrapped up in pre-prepared gift wrapping and it means you can literally hand over the present without doing anything else to it.  TWO THUMBS UP!

I also ventured into a branch (in Windsor to be exact) and decided to have the full experience of a Lush shop.  The staff were lovely and offered advice wherever they could, even going as far as offering to do a demo of any of the bath bombs I was interested in.  I’d also heard great things about their new Sleepy lotion that helps you get a good night’s rest so the immediately went in the basket.  It’s now being heavily used by the fella and he loves it.  I’ll have to invest in a larger tub to share from now on!

I bought a couple bath bombs (not sure of all the names but I went on smell and wackiness of colours to be truthful) and left with a heavier bag than I expected.

As a first-timer, I have to say that Lush really know what they’re doing.  The bath bomb was not only fun to watch as it developed but it was a lovely, relaxing bath time.  I’m not naturally a bath kid, having gotten used to years of speedy showers but it was a fab treat.  The only minor downside was all the leftover glitter in the bath tub.  Must plan a bath time treat the night before I do a bath room cleaning day next time!

I can’t wait to try more Lush products.  Any recommendations?

(FYI: This isn’t a sponsored post.  I just really liked their products.)


  1. I was so excited when we moved to a house with a bath too and went out and bought loads of Lush. I really like the big bubble bars which you can break up so they do quite a few baths (they are orange citrus, pink one which smells of fruity candy and a blue one which I think is more floral). Do try the seasonal ones, they had a great spiced pumpkin bath bomb last year which I hope they do again. I always get a few christmas penguins too.

    If the glitter is a pain, ask the staff which the non-glittery ones are. We are pretty used to hosing down the bath because of Scully so a bit of glitter doesn’t bother us! The bubble bars aren’t usually full on glittery, they might have a bit of shimmer but they are usually safe.

    I do find the staff can be a bit overbearing if you just want to browse by yourself. I never know what to say that doesn’t sound sarcastic when they are “what brings you to Lush today”. I use some of their hair/skin products quite regularly so it is a right pain to go in there and just grab something without them wanting to recommend, demonstrate or get your opinions.

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