Who Am I? Looking at Genetics

Off the back of my on-going health woes my specialist recommended I get these genetic tests done to help to get a better idea about my history and then give a better idea about my health.  I wasn’t so keen on the idea at first because he had warned that the tests can also show you your possibly predisposition to some genetic illness like Parkinson’s.  You then have to be aware of this and it can affect things like getting insurance and your future decision-making.  It can put people off doing genetic tests but the company I used do explain that it isn’t a damning stamp against your name; it’s just a possible genetic leaning that might be worth knowing about and there are lots of other factors that can add to diagnosis.

Slightly scary as a thought but, by chance, I saw this video by The Try Guys from Buzzfeed (a junk food type indulgence of mine) and they used the exact same company to do the testing as I’d been recommended.  A sign perhaps?

Maybe, but either way I was sick of feeling unwell without any solid evidence as to what was going on so I’ll try anything if I can afford it.

23andMe is a simply home-kit that I bought online and it arrives quickly in the post, then you just spit into the tube provided and post it back out to their labs.

The cool factor is that it looks at loads of your genetic background and you can find out where you ancestors come from geographically, if you have any distant relatives out there you didn’t know about (if they’ve done the same test obviously; it’s not a magic test) and lots of other DNA-related puzzles.  I’m hoping it helps look at my auto immune conditions and give me some better answers that my blood tests haven’t done.  It takes six to eight weeks to hear back from the labs so keep an eye out for a follow-up post with news on the results.

Maybe science is magic!

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