23andMe: What I Found Out

So I got back my 23andMe report this week and it’s a mixed bag as to what it found out.  If you don’t remember, here’s my original post about getting it done and why I’d decided to do it.  My main hopes from it apart from the ancestor stuff it might show up was to hopefully learn more about my genetics so I could work out, with my specialist, what’s up with me health wise.  He’s betting on it being a gluten thing but I’m not so sure.  I’ve been eating Gluten-Free for about a month or so now and things have been better but that could be down to anything.

The fun bit:  Seems I’m nearly all European.  Well, duh!  No big shock there but the interesting bit was the breakdown part because it seems I’ve got a lot more European in me than I thought with nearly 5% being specifically French & German and 20% being Broadly Northwestern European.  Mum thinks it must be on my Dad’s side because she’s done family tree stuff and can’t seem to find much on her side that she knows of.  I wish I could find out more but that’s probably down to me doing family tree research.  Perhaps a project for the rest of the year?

The way the information is displayed to you is very easy to understand but the real juice is in the ‘Raw Data’ bit which is the bare bones of the information about my genetics.  It’s all numbers and letters that don’t mean much but with the help of google and the help forums on the 23andMe site, you can look at more detailed questions and answers.  I’m still not sure about my gluten issues or other autoimmune stuff but hopefully my specialist will know what he’s looking at.  I did send the raw data off with an extra company for further analysis of the results.  This was a small extra fee but I was asked to do it and if it’ll get me my answers; I’m game.

All-in-all, a good experience but it could maybe do with a bit more dummy explanations about the raw data and how to interpret it because I was kinda left to googling some of it and still wasn’t sure I was reading it all correctly.  More updates as I get them!


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