Five Foot Two: Why the Gaga Documentary made me a Fan

I’ll begin by saying that I’ve always liked Lady Gaga.  I’ve bought her albums before and enjoyed how she handles herself in the media and interviews.  She seems like an excellent role model for anyone because she represents someone who evolves and holds her hands up to her flaws and then embraces them.  I’ve not seen her live but have always heard high praise from friends who have and wouldn’t say no to going; my bank balance often does that for me.

Having seen the Five Foot Two trailer a little while ago (I’m always intrigued by a music doco),  I made sure I caught it while it was on Netflix.  Without sounding too profound or spiritual about it, I can say that I loved it and it really affected me more than I thought it would.

The documentary follows Gaga on the final stages of releasing her latest album, ‘Joanne’, and her life during a month or so of performances, recording, media and family life.  I didn’t buy the album when it originally came out for no real reason other than I didn’t have loads of spare cash and it seemed a bit of a luxury to buy a brand new record.  Bills came first.

I’ve since ordered the record and I’m already mentally working out if I could potentially get tickets to she her next time she’s over in the UK.

It’s a fantastic look at the behind-the-scenes life of someone in the music industry but what really touched me was her health woes and the mental health side of her life.  She’s an incredibly strong figure but at the same time she’s in constant pain and struggles some days to even get up.  I loved that she’s made  the decision to open up about these issues and to make the point that not all pain is visible, easy to fix and it can make even the toughest gal feel like a pathetic mess.

I’ve suffered with ups and downs in my health and it’s had me in similar situations where I’m a sobbing heap on the phone just saying that I’m in such pain with a migraine or something and there’s little anyone can do.  It really got to me and I was doubly glad that Gaga pointed out that she’s very blessed to have access to all the help she has to cope each day and most people have to just carry on.  There are many days I’ve gone into work with no sleep and a ‘migraine hangover’ and had to just keep going.  It’s only after YEARS of pain that I’ve been prescribed something stronger than over the counter pain relief and that was after a trip to A&E when a migraine was so bad that I had an anxiety attack and no sleep.  I know some people suffer far worse than I but it struck a chord with me all the same.

Five Foot Two is much more than just about the life of someone who is very lucky and talented,  It’s about real humanity and heart ache and I can do little more but tell you all to go watch it too.  Funny, charming and a wonderful one hour and forty minutes.  Click here to read more about Lady Gaga’s latest updates about her health and tour.

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