Half Term Books in Review!

It’s half term and that means lots of kids are out and about looking for something to do … or at the very least their parents are looking for something for them to do!  He’s a little mini selection of books to read that will hopefully keep those little minds busy for a car ride or a rainy afternoon.  Hope they help!

Up first is one of my favourite for the middle grade and younger reader market: the latest offering from Team Reeve-McIntrye.  Pug-A-Doodle-Doo is a great activity-style book that features all the classic characters and adventures from their ongoing partnership.  If you loved Cakes in Space and Oliver and the Seawigs as much as I did, then you’ll love joining in with the younglings when they go doodling mad this half-term.  A great way to encourage reading and creativity which might get them drawing their own artwork and creating their own stories too!

Next up is a big one for kids of a certain age.  The latest in the Tom Gates series is out in the shops a Liz Pichon is out on tour doing events in lots of locations.  Have a look on her website for news and if your own reading whiz has already raced through the new book you can always try to see Liz in person!

Just in time for Halloween is the brilliant final book in the Lockwood series by Jonathan Stroud.   The Empty Grave is the fifth in the series and is set to get even bigger as the book rights have been bought to make it into a TV series. I’ve fallen behind with these books but the first two were brilliant and Jonathan Stroud is a superb chap so I can’t encourage these books enough!  Perfect for fans of adventures and spooky themes like Ripper Street meets Ghostbusters.

Another big hitter that is hard to miss at the moment is the release of the new Philip Pullman book; The Book of Dust.  This book is going to be everywhere and at a whooping 546 pages, it’s bound to keep even the most enthusiastic reader busy for a little while!

Thinking ahead to Christmas (because it is fast approaching no matter how much we all try to hide from it) do check out a new book coming your way in November called The Polar Bears Explorers’ Club by Alex Day and illustrations but Tomislav Tomic.  This book is utterly charming and I loved every minute of it.  Perfect for fans of Pullman and the worlds of Narnia and Potter.  I can’t wait until the next one is out and I’m pretty sure this series has the potential to be rather big.

One big tip I’d say for all these recommendations is to join up to your local library!  You can get a wealth of books there FOR FREE and they often run events for children of all ages during school holidays.  If you’re on a budget, it’s a fab day out and letting a child pick a little stack of books to take home is great for everyone.


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