The Hidden Harry Style in my Wardrobe

I’m not the most confident dresser.  Getting dressed to go anywhere is a long drama for me with lots of decision-making, second-guessing and doubting my ability to carry off a certain look.  You can imagine what a shopping trip is like with me but I’ll doubt you’ll get close to the reality.  I’m lucky if I ever actually buy anything and I often spend most of the time damning myself and how uncool I am or how silly I’d look in something I like the look of.  You’d probably never have guessed it if you met me about ten years ago because I dressed like I was going into some sort of post-apocolytic neon war-zone party . . . but I loved it.  I loved the fun and drama of it and the way I walked around like it was fancy-dress and didn’t care if anyone was looking at me.

I realised it was all a bit for show and then kinda lost my confidence with clothes altogether.  When I was in my teens, I was overweight and just lived in over-sized hoodies and band t-shirts so I completely missed the fun with fashion phase and for a while I felt like I didn’t know how to exist in anything other than jeans and a blue shirt.

However, thanks to an unlikely source, I’m finding my way again.  Thank you, Harry Styles.

An unlikely source you may think but I’ll ask you to think again.  I went out clothes shopping and immediately picked up four pairs of trousers I liked.  Initially proud of myself for not just floating towards jeans yet again, I then looked at the selection I’d made and noted that everything I’d picked up was something I could see Mr Styles wearing out or on stage.  I put back the two most OTT pairs and then bought the other two because, even though I don’t naturally think of Harry Styles as my fashion icon, he is a fine dresser and nothing he wears defines him as extremely masculine or feminine.  I think this is what I like about his style and what I want to show in my own fashion sense.  I can do very girly and do the basic tee and jean combo that any lad would wear but it’s that in-between space that is where the fun can be had.

I know my brain will keep saying, “Don’t buy that.  It’ll just go to live in your wardrobe forever because you’ll be brave now but not later on,” but I don’t care.  I want to wear things that aren’t just safe or boring but make me go “wow, that’s a lot of glitter for one jumper”.

I mentioned my Harry-based purchases on twitter and I was sent this fascinating article (thanks Keris) about what seems to be a trend for female fans that like to dress in ‘Direction Drag’ and I can’t say I blame them.  It’s fun and creative.  Rock on and embrace the Style(s)!

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