Gluten-Free at Christmas

It’s been about three months since I’ve gone gluten-free and it’s been a mostly simple switch.  The only day-to-day annoyance is having to read labels and menus with the level of detection on par to Sherlock Holmes.  Honestly, why does a pot of cous cous need to contain wheat starch and why does sushi on-the-go need wheat but in a restaurant it doesn’t?  ARGH!

With the arrival of December though, I’ve been slightly dreading one of my favourite times of the year for a new reason.  How do you tackle Christmas when gluten-free?  It should be easy but the tricky part is that this season usually requires visiting lots of family members and going out far more than usual.  I’ve got the work Christmas party coming up but thankfully there is another GF team member and a dairy-free person too so I know it’ll be considered there.  Restaurants are normally fairly good at having GF options and even a special menu on hand so I know it’s easy enough to find something I can enough.

The real worry for me is when I go to visit other people and stay with family for the festive season because I hate the idea of forcing my diet needs on them.  I’m already plotting to bring my own biscuits and mince pies for eating to cut the costs and as long as I steer clear of gravy and stuffing then the roast dinner should be all ok for me to eat. The real danger for me is after a couple of glasses of grown-up juice at dinner and then I forget to be so vigilant about what I eat.  Must remember gluten-free crackers for the cheese!!

Is there a protocol if you get given a tin of shortbread as a gift knowing you can’t eat it?  Do you just smile and say thank you before slipping them over to the fella to eat quietly while he reads his Beano annual?  I hate appearing rude but if you don’t say anything you’re likely to keep receiving similar gifts that you can’t enjoy.  I rather family save the money than me have to hide them away to save embarrassment.

I’m going to attempt to make some GF festive treats that I can share as gift extras but can then delight in their lack of gluten too.  Perhaps that’s a good ice-breaker?

What do you recommend?

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