2018: The Year Ahead

I know the year is already a few weeks in but I’m a lazy thing so I don’t always get my butt in gear to write when I should.  The start of any year is always a slightly anxious thing for me because it’s a year of emptiness.  There are little to no plans ahead and so many days to fill.  I panic when there aren’t rules or guidelines.

So I’m trying to focus on things I can do for myself.  I’m taking up more crafting hobbies that I’ve always enjoyed and not making myself feel like a failure if I take a break from them.  I’ve started knitting again and there’s a local festival for yarn-based activities in February that I’m keen to go to.  Knitting is something I find rather soothing; it’s logical and methodical but at the same time creative and fun.

I’m still reading but keeping it at a reasonable speed so I don’t just read ALL THE THINGS and then can’t remember a word of them in a month’s time.  Plus, I’m mixing up my reading habits by getting books from the library as well as things I received as gifts, reviewing or bought.  A real blend of old and new and as many genres that tick the right boxes for me.  I’ll be sticking to mini reviews and book round-ups as I find them easier to write and, quite honestly, I don’t think people really read big posts anymore.

I wish I knew what people wanted when they go to read a blog post.  I want people who read, people who want to comment and engage but I’m lucky to get a few clicks on a link!

Health-wise, I’ve had my first visit with a nutritionist who is local to me and seeing what happens there.  I think going gluten-free has done good things to me but I don’t want to keep doing it if it’s not necessary and I keep asking why I’m feeling better from it if the blood tests via the GP said I wasn’t coeliac.  I might just have an intolerance but either way it’s good to know.

Sadly, this seems to mean also going dairy-free, sugar-free and fun-free, based on the nutritionist’s opinion.  I just don’t get the whole sugar-free thing as I’m happy to reduce my sugar intake but wiping it out when I’ve not shown signs of problems with it seems rash.  Plus, how can I know what is causing positive reactions if I’m wiping everything off the table?

I don’t think this experiment will last but she’s had good points about upping my water intake and adding more fibre and protein.  I can do that but saying no to all things like bread, cakes, crisps, sweets no matter if they’re GF or homemade seems a bit too far for me.  I think I’ll ration them instead.


Seems like 2018 is busier than I thought already.  Hopefully there’ll be fun stuff in there too rather than just boring Sad Food posts and book reviews.

*fingers crossed*

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