Blog Tour: I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman

Today on the blog I welcome Alice Oseman with the start of her blog tour for “I Was Born For This”.  As a special treat, Alice is posting a song a day that relate to this new book and they can then be compiled into one great, big YA playlist.  As a bonus, each hosting blogger will add a song of their own to the list that they love or think is fitting too for this YA playlist.  Double Bubble!  I Was Born For This is out now and is published by Harper Collins.
First up is Alice with her choice:

Drug Dealers Anonymous – Pusha T and JAY Z

This is the first song on my I Was Born for Thisplaylist! I remember hearing this when it was first released in 2016, when I was conceptualising IWBFT, and thinking – this is it. This is the exact sound of I Was Born for This. And while the lyrics don’t really reflect what happens in the book, some of the imagery used definitely draws comparisons to The Ark’s decadent, if somewhat tainted, lifestyle as international celebrities. “Valentino summers and wave runners”.

Next is my choice:
Real Gone Kid – Deacon Blue
I only just got into Deacon Blue in the last couple years but I just love their music.  I imagine if I’d discovered them a few years earlier I’d have been super obsessed with them then too; even during my pop punk, emo days of LOVING My Chemical Romance.  MCR were and are MY band but Deacon Blue has that same vibe in their music.  That really down-beat, maudlin lyrics mixed with really bouncy and pure pop rock music.  I think I love that real clash of emotions and the vocals and lyrics are fantastic.  A MUST in a YA Playlist in my opinion.  A hugely underrated band that I’m lucky enough to be seeing live at the end of the year.  

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