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My name is Laura and  I’ve been blogging for over ten years now but due to the mass of books I have yet to read, I’m now limiting the number of reviews copies I can accept.
I just don’t have time to read them all but I’ll do my best if I’ve requested a copy directly.  I work full time and don’t want to have to be rude everyday emailing authors/publishers saying no.  I always try to tweet and/or instagram a thank you image once an item is received for review and a review may come in the form of a dedicated review type post or a theme post that will, for example, promote the title and mention it’s upcoming publication.
Currently I only review the books I buy myself as well as those I receive from select publishers and authors that I’ve already made contact with directly and this is also all dependant on time schedules and life in general.  I’m also open to receiving items other than books for review if they relate to the tone of my blog or themes I’ve mentioned in previous posts such as cooking, photography, etc.
I only read books from the following:


  • Teen /YA fiction:  I generally will give it a go if the Blurb peaks my interest but tend to lean more towards contemporary novels over high fantasy.  Comedy is a big thumbs up; especially if it has a dark edge.
  • Middle Grade: Select few but I love quirky and funny tales.
  • Limited Adult Fiction: Only read things I buy myself as I’m quite picky.  Thrillers and quirky comedy dramas.
  • Non-Fiction: Cookery books, film or media based books, illustration/art books, notebooks
I can not guarantee to review EVERY book I receive but I do receive a lot of books and there are limited hours in the day.
I try to be as clear as I can in my reviews about the positive aspects of the book rather than focusing on negatives but I do like the be honest and will mention things I may have not liked while reading e.g. characters I didn’t gel with or plot points that I didn’t understand.
All books I’ve requested and receive will be given thanks for via my twitter (If I remember) and I post progress on my GoodReads account as I read books.  I only add those I know on GReads, so don’t be offended if I ignore your friend request, but feel free to have a look at my current reads.
If you spot a spelling mistake or incorrect link on a review then just let me know via the comment section.  I am dyspraxic and don’t always get it right!  Ta!

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